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 The island of Lokrum is a natural reservoir, and is one of the favorite places of relaxation for both Dubrovnik's people and tourists. It is only a 10-minute ferry-boat ride from the Old City of Dubrovnik, and the lines are scheduled quite frequently: during spring and fall every hour, and during summer every half an hour.The whole island is absolutely   magical!         

The botanical garden dates since 1959. Pine trees, egzotic plants, some of which are even endemic and had been brought here from areas with tropical and subtropical climate, various vegetation from Australia and South America, romantic walking paths, places for sun-bathing and swimming, breath-taking view from every side of the island, either toward Dubrovnik or toward endless sea and soul-capturing horizon…make this island such an uplifting place.

The island of Lokrum is also an attraction for its so called "Dead sea", a unique lake connected to the sea. You may swim in its clear water, and rejuvenate your soul in serenity and tranquility of the ambiance…

Or, if you feel like, you may even pick a more secluded place on the rocks, and enjoy a complete privacy.

Or, if you prefer, there is also a nudist beach you may use.

Aside from its natural beauty, you may see here star-shaped Fort Royal, built by French in 1806 on the highest spot of this island. You may decide to climb it and enjoy a splendid view of the whole island and Dubrovnik.

Walking the paths on this island, you will see ruins of the basilica dating from the 12th and 13th century, the monastery with a garden in the cloister dating from the 15th and 16th century, and the summer-lodging of Maximilian Habsburg with gardens dating from the 19th century.

While walking through the forest of cypresses and pines, and centuries old olive grove dating from the times of benedictine government of the island, you may just decide to learn about rich history and legends that envelop this island and make it even more romantic and magical.