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Elafit islands


Do not miss the excursion to the elaphites where, aside from an enjoyable boat-ride, you may enjoy spending a day on these gorgeous islands near Dubrovnik, and experience some unforgettable moments. The Elaphites (Daksa, Kolocep, Lopud, Sipan, Jakljan, and Olip) are situated on the west side of Dubrovnik and are its most beautiful archipelago. These islands are eternal guardians of Dubrovnik's sea and coast, the islands of undaunted captains and seamen from the times of Dubrovnik's Republic till the present. Their shape resembles deer's antlers.

The green island with centuries old pine forests, olive groves, citrus gardens, beautiful beaches…basically, the whole island is one big aromatic park, and as such, one of the favorite excursion and picnic places near Dubrovnik. There are numerous remnants of the old architecture scattered all over the island (old churches dating from before the romanesque, basilicas' ruins,summer lodgings, forts, etc.).










This island is one of the most touristically developed islands in the area. In the past this was the island of the Republic's captains, and the island that yielded the most seamen. In the 16th century, there were 30 churches, many summer lodgings, a few monasteries. Nowadays, you may see the ruins of some of the churches dating from the early medieval ages, the ruins of summer lodgings and forts. The island is covered with mediterranean and subtropical vegetation, beautiful parks and gardens, beaches…

The largest island of the archipelago, with quite and tranquil bays, beaches, cypresses,lemon and orange trees, is absolutely beautiful. Many churches, and summer lodgings of the noble families scattered on the green hills of this glorious island speak of its rich history and legends that envelop it. The island of Sipan is one of the pearls of this area.